Bruno Roche Keynote at CITIC Frontier Forum in Beijing, China


Published October 2018

Bruno Roche gave a keynote speech about the Economics of Mutuality and participated in a discussion panel at the CITIC Frontier Forum, an annual conference organised by CITIC Press Group on 25th October.

He said, ‘Nowadays an enterprise’s purpose is no longer only to make profits for its shareholders, but to create values for all stakeholders. According to our research, when an enterprise is willing to invest in its community, people and ecosystem, while using both financial and non-financial indicators to measure and manage performance (including human, social, natural and financial capital), the value created will be superior.’

The gathering brought together scholars and industry leaders to discuss the future of technology, society, economics and business. This year’s theme was ‘New Technological Revolution and the Shared Future of Mankind’. Other keynote speakers included British theoretical physicist Geoffrey West, Israeli historian and author Yuval Noah Harari and Chinese science fiction writer Hao Jingfang.

Bruno’s trip to China coincides with the upcoming launch of the Chinese translation of Completing Capitalism (Chinese book title: 互惠资本主义), published by CITIC Press Group.

Photos: CITIC Press Group