Human Capital Research at Mars, Incorporated



Since July 2009, Mars, Incorporated has undertaken a joint project with researchers of the Paris School of Economics (PSE). The general objective of this collaboration is to develop measures of the non-monetary value created by Mars, Incorporated’s activities at each step of the chain of production and distribution. One of the work streams has been dedicated to Well-Being@Work and Human Capital. This paper presents an overview of the milestones of this work stream.

The goal of decent work is best expressed through the eyes of people. It is about your job and future prospects; about your working conditions; about balancing work and family life, putting your children through school or getting them out of child labor. It is about gender equality, equal recognition, and enabling women to make choices and take controls of their lives. It is about personal abilities to compete in the marketplace, keep up with new technological skills and remain healthy. It is about developing your entrepreneurial skills, about receiving a fair share of the wealth that you have helped to create and not being discriminated against; it is about having a voice in your workplace and your community... For everybody, decent work is about securing human dignity”.

(International Labor Office, 2001, 7-8).


  • Claudia Senik, Professor at the University Paris-Sorbonne and at the Paris School of Economics

  • Francesco Cordaro, Chief Scientist, Catalyst, Mars, Incorporated

  • Bruno Roche, Mars Chief Economist and Catalyst Managing Director


About This Paper

Working paper written January 2016. Collaboration between Mars Catalyst / Economics of Mutuality and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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