Exploring the Power of Purpose as Strategy at CEIBS, Shanghai


Published June 2019

Why Does Purpose as Strategy Make a Difference?

Bruno Roche answered this question when he addressed the CEIBS Executive Forum on 19th June in Shanghai.

Today, many companies have or seek to have a purpose that goes beyond profit maximisation and embraces social and environmental issues. Yet, most purposes are still descriptive of the companies’ values and are often self-serving. Few grasp the huge business opportunity of leveraging Purpose as a strategy to transform business performance across the people, planet and profit equation.

At a time when more and more companies are striving to align short-term and long-term goals and to address their impact on the world through charity and CSR programmes, there is a duty and an opportunity for business leaders, investors and management schools to redefine the purpose of business – which is to produce profitable solutions to the relevant problems of people and the planet in their respective ecosystems.

This event explored the power of putting purpose into practice to drive growth strategies with an emphasis on how companies can transform their business model to increase both their performance and their positive impact on society and the environment.

Following his lecture, Bruno was joined in a panel discussion by:

  • Timo Lei, Partner, Vice-COO and Markets Leader King and Wood Mallesons

  • Wu Chen, Managing Director, The Economist Global Business Review

Photos: CEIBS