Mars Catalyst

Catalyst is Mars, Incorporated's internal think-tank. For more than five decades, Mars has invested in Catalyst, a distinctive thought leadership capability composed of highly skilled, diverse Mars Associates with unique access to experts. Catalyst takes creative risks to conceptualise, develop and pilot breakthrough business solutions to position Mars in the thought leadership space. Catalyst’s work has been recognised as cutting edge by scientific and business communities and continues to be a source of competitive advantage for Mars. 


Meet the Team

Behind the Economics of Mutuality lies a team of visionary business executives and experts from a diverse range of academic, business and cultural backgrounds committed to transforming business into a force for good in our world.


Governance & Advisory Council

Mars Catalyst has a Steering Group and Advisory Council each composed of academics and business and thought leaders, that provide extensive knowledge and experience to key strategic and development considerations. 



By harnessing innovative and abstract ideas from a vast pool of stakeholders, including internal, external and academic experts, Catalyst unlocks transformational business strategies. We strive to be a change agent for Mars, Incorporated — helping the company deliver long-term growth that we can be proud of.

Bruno Roche
Mars Chief Economist and
Catalyst Managing Director


The Open Platform Initiative

Catalyst is actively working towards setting up a collaborative platform that is structurally independent from Mars, Incorporated, although supported by it as a key partner. The aim is to set up an organisation that will provide an innovative and dynamic structure to facilitate deeper engagement between multiple partners, whether businesses, NGOs, or universities, to contribute to and grow the Economics of Mutuality movement. 

The mission of the Platform is to help business leaders around the world transform their business models, equipping them with the mindset, skill-set, tools and capabilities to deliver superior value creation across people, planet and profit in scalable ways.


Mars, Incorporated

More than 100 years ago, a young Frank C. Mars started making candies in his Tacoma, Washington kitchen. From that simple beginning, his son Forrest built Mars into the mature company it is today, first by creating the MILKY WAY® bar with his father and later by expanding the business overseas and diversifying into new categories like pet care and food. Today, the Mars family of Associates is more than 100,000 strong in over 80 countries around the world. Through all that growth, we’ve remained a private, family-owned business, with passionate Associates who are united and guided by The Five Principles.