Piyush Prashant

Senior Operations Manager

Piyush Prashant is Catalyst Senior Operations Manager – MANI India. He is currently involved in Ecosystem mapping and implementing Economics of Mutuality based business models with MANI India.

With Mars, Incorporated, he has worked across sales – Retail and Specialized Channels – and marketing functions. His area of expertise is digital platform tool development for customers and consumer loyalty. With more than 8 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, he brings business acumen to the table.

Prior to Mars, Incorporated, he worked with WB Group, a food manufacturer in Africa, which involved working on their New Product Development of protein ranges for developing markets by providing sustainable nutrition for rural and underprivileged sections of Western Africa countries for more than 4 years.

Piyush graduated in Vet. Sciences and holds an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing.

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