Bruno Roche

Mars Chief Economist and Catalyst Managing Director

Bruno has led Mars Catalyst globally from Brussels (Belgium) since 2006. Under his leadership, Catalyst has developed groundbreaking methodologies in the areas of marketing effectiveness and M&A integration. It has also expanded geographically from its US & European base to become truly global – covering Asia and Africa.

Since 2007, Bruno has led the Economics of Mutuality program that has evolved over the last decade from a pioneering research program into a breakthrough business model innovation with general application across businesses. Bruno co-created the Mutuality in Business Lab at Oxford University in 2014, joined the World Economic Forum in 2015 and co-authored the book Completing Capitalism in 2017, which has been translated into Chinese by Citic Press.

Bruno’s academic background followed an applied maths path with a specialisation in international economics, finance and management sciences.

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